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When Humanity meets Divinity

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Nwokorie DavidMar 7, 2022
When Humanity meets Divinity

Purpose, Charity, care and the prospect of a brighter future is what one of Nigeria's Leading NGO's- the Yeshua Care Charity Foundation is Anchored on.

Founded by Mr Daniel Onyekachi Onumajuru in October 2021, The Yeshua Care Charity Foundation is a non-profit charity organisation that is focused on caring, assisting, supporting and catering for the Vulnerable in the Society such as Orphans, Children,i and widows.

It is also committed towards the sensitization and re-orientation of the less previledged and the Vulnerable in the Society by Organising Workshops, Seminars and programs that would help to both redefine and uplift their Standard of in the Society.

The Dream and Vision upon which it is founded primarily premised on Generosity, largesse and more Importantly reaching out to the Society and giving the lifes of the less previledged a meaning.

The Yeshua Care Charity Foundation is actualising and exemplifying the tenets of Christianity which Christ the messiah preached and practiced. The word Yeshua, a Greek word for Christ signifies all the attributes he symbolized when on Earth and it is on these principles that the foundation is founded upon.

As Humanity is forever reformed through Generosity, When we choose to lend a helping hand to those who have little or no opportunity as ourselves. Yeshua Care is improving the Universe through this ideals, Uplifting souls and Transforming the essence of existence.

"The vision was birthed on the altar of prayers" this is according to the Founder Honorable Daniel Onumajuru whose ardent passion for Charity was kindled the moment he got the revelation to launch the NGO. and as it Continues to spread the goodwill of Charity across the globe. Yeshua is exemplifying the true essence of true life Which is giving purpose and redefining the lives of humanity.

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