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Iwa Akwa: Mr Okonkwo Chekwube hosts Family and Friends.

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AdminJan 4, 2022
Iwa Akwa: Mr Okonkwo Chekwube hosts Family and Friends.

The Iwa Akwa (Cloth Wearing) festival, held in Umunnem umulogho, Obowo, Local Government Area of Imo State, during the festive season with the usual pop, glitz, ravishing, stunning, dazzling and captivating displays by the Indigenes, especially, the youths of the various communities in the LGA.

Iwa Akwa, can be said to be the initiation of young men, usually from 21yrs into manhood.

After the initiation rituals, the celebrant traditionally becomes a bonafide member of the society, he can then start contributing to community development via participating fully in her activities.

It is an age long event that characterized the communities where it is held. It is possible for a man to get married before his Iwa Akwa though, depending on circumstances.

When a man reaches the age to Iwa Akwa, it is expected that his kinsmen will be duly informed of his intention, it is a compulsory ritual for every man to undergo as any one that refuses to be initiated will not be recognized in the society.

For the family of Apostle Bernard Glad and Pastor. Mrs Rebecca Okonkwo of Umunnem Umulogho in Obowo Local Government Area, it was a day of joy, laughter and celebration as their son, Mr Okonkwo Chekwube ThankGod, popularly known as KayceeMoore, on the 2nd day of January 2022 fulfilled all obligations expected of him as he did his Iwa Akwa.

It was a day that will remain indelible in the hearts of the illustrious son of the community, The country home of Apostle Bernard Glad Okonkwo witnessed a great influx of family members, colleagues, business associates, invited guests, friends and well wishers of Mr Chekwube, who trooped in from different walks of life around the globe to felicitate with him.

The gathering was entertained with a luxury of exotic drinks and lavishly prepared local and international delicacies. KayceeMoore also thrilled everyone present with some scintillating dance steps.

Speaking to Imoflash correspondent, A visibly elated Chekwube said "I feel so happy, glad and excited to have people come celebrate with me turning into a man. I return all glory to God for enabling me to reach this age to be inducted into the Iwa Awka of my community".

On what we should expect from him now he is literally a man, he said " Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, as a man, I have to think and act like one now, it is going to take a lot of work for the transformation to happen, but, I am committed to make that happen".

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