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Tourism & Lifestyle | Ahead of African Youth Conference 2022- David Nwokorie

Ahead of African Youth Conference 2022- David Nwokorie

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Nwokorie DavidMar 21, 2022
Ahead of African Youth Conference 2022- David Nwokorie

By whichever Barometer of assessment one prefer to assess. the 25th and the 26th will be a historical and transformative day in Africa's History.

For the First time in the History of our great Country since the Days of the West African Youth Movement, The Committee on Youth Organisation and National Youth Movement Engendered By foremost African Narionalists like the great Kwame Nkrumah and Nnamdi Azikiwe have we had a pan-african Youth Group fostering African Youth Development as the organisers of the AYC 2022, the Imo Youth Innovative media has done.

In what would arguably be one the most versatile and all encompassing Youth forums, virtual participants expected from Asia, Europe, North/South America, Australia and Africa will be rubbing both minds and resources together to implement ways through which we can adress several endemic challenges prevalent amongst Youths on the Continent.

In my Amazon best selling Book, Not Conformity, Not Populsim I made a case for the Critical Import for Youth Inclusiveness in Governance. Arguing that only when democracies like Nigeria can only attain Composite Political development when Youths are integrated into the policy making process. and having had the Foundations of pan-africanism, Nationalism, Cultural Reorientation and Independence pioneered and laid by Young people, it became an errant aberration that In the modern Political dispensation, The Younger generation have developed cold feet, preferring to dabble into issues rather considered ancillary to more important issues of policymaking.

A fifth of the world's population are youths aged between 15 and 25. this category constitutes about 1.6 percent in their 20's occupying positions in parliaments while about 11% of their Counterparts are in their early 30's. More so, according to a recent UNDP data, The average age of Parliamentarians globally is 53.(With 50 for women). With Politics being both a continuum and an infinite process, as we work towards the next generation of emerging leaders, it is Tantamount to both Political obliteration and annihilation to have the the Youths left of the picture ahead of a fast approaching New Political order.

Whilst the Aforementioned will be extensively addressed by Myself alongside leading Youth leaders and Political stake holders. I believe that one other Contentious and polemical issue affecting Women and the Girl-child on the Continent is Gender Inequality and Dosmestic Violence and/or Discrimination. Which the SDG's 5.5 is Specifically Curated to address According to UNDP, 1 In 3 Young women in Africa suffer discrimination. Additionally, there is a wide disparity of unequal inclusion for women In Politics, especially as it concerns holding strategic offices. While some in western African Countries have constantly pressed for affirmative action the reality still remains that alot of women still suffer marginalisation, violence, discrimination and exclusion from certain pivotal political decisions.

In regards to Innovation, technological development and industry. Africa as hub possesses Immense Potentials yet to be explored. With over 50% of the world's Natural resources at its disposal, it is antithetical that besides being one of the poorest and most underdeveloped Continents in the globe, over 400 million Youths remain unemployed. In a Pro-Covid 19 era, it is estimated that Africa will require a year upon year Investment of $75 billion for the next 20 Years in order to exterminate extreme Poverty and stabilise its Economy. In the absence of loans, grants and other forms of Economic aids which cannot evidently assuage her current economic crisis. It would require sustainable Economic Development which can only be fast tracked by Innovation, technological Development and industry - which Consists SDG's 9.9. it is commendable to see that countries like Egypt have already kicked off projects in line with the SDG's to achieve this objectives. in addressing this issue, to give more insight on this would be prad han, an Indian resource person and technology expert and laughter afolabi, an Entrepreneur based in Canada would be offering their perspectives on how African Youths can help actualise the SDG's 9.9 tech/ Entrepreneurial development.

"Africa can only grow when Africa comes together to solve Africa's problems" says Chulu Mahanjana, a South African Gender rights Activist and a panelist for the AYC 2022 and how effective can that be when Youths are by themselves pioneers of this laudable initiative.

Our sincere gratitude will go to the Government of Imo State for the Support given to this project. More Importantly, the Honorable Commissioner for Youths and Sports Development Dan Chike Ogu for his Exemplary Strides towards Youth development in The state. To UNESCO, D Media Kompany and glow gadgets.

For the Youth, the capital of Development is an Intellectual revolution. And that Revolution is an Intellectual revolution, and AYC is that Capital. Welcome to AYC 2022.

David Nwokorie (Saint Louis)

Convener African Youth Extraordinary Conference 2022.

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