Sports | Nwachukwu showers ecomium on Gov Uzodimma, Okoronkwo for Heartland’s resurgence

Nwachukwu showers ecomium on Gov Uzodimma, Okoronkwo for Heartland’s resurgence

.... Management set to downsize crowded squad

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Anthony AhizeApr 26, 2023
Nwachukwu showers ecomium on Gov Uzodimma, Okoronkwo for  Heartland’s resurgence

Gneral manager of Heartland football club Mr promise Nwachukwu has showered ecomium on his Excellency senator Hope Uzodimma for Heartland’s resurgence at the ongoing 2023 Nigerian National league campaign.

Nwachukwu told the Statesman Newspaper sports desk that their NNL success so far could be attributed to the massive support from Governor Uzodimma through the ministry of Youths, Sports and social development ably led by Chief Emeka Okoronkwo.

He revealed Gov Uzodimma’s passion for youths and sports which led to the activation of the project “Operation return Heartland to NPFL “ and Gov Uzodimma assured Heartland management that he will do whatever it takes humanly possible to make sure Heartland FC returns to the premier league come next season and assured delegates who came of his full support.

“I wouldn't say it has been Rossy but we give God all the glory because he is the one behind our success before our amiable Governor His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodimma.

Our Governor told us in confidence that he will be at our back to enable us achieve whatever we want to achieve and to make imolites happy.

The Governor has been wonderfully behind us, doing the right things at the right time with the honourable commissioner for youth and sports, Honourable Emeka Okoronkwo and the deputy speaker, Chyna Amara Iwuanyanwu. We promise him that we will bounce back to the NPFL.” Nwachukwu said.

When asked on what are the plans of the management on returning the team to the top league, Nwachukwu said.

“The first thing to do in your planning is having good players in your department so that there would be no cause for alarm. All our focus is in this remaining five matches to make sure we top the league.

For now we have brought in 3 new players, two from Cynosure and 1 from Giant Brillars. It wasn’t me actually who scouted them, it was the coaches that went about the bringing in of this players.

Currently they are active and they have been training with us.

We have up to 69 players on the pay role and we are trying to downsize the squad and trim it down to 30 players. Some that are not productive has to go because we cannot continue to waste government money like that.

That's the reason why I addressed the players few days ago and told them about the situation, that we cannot accept it anymore, wasting Government money and resources.

I had to tell the coaches to downsize the team, those that are not productive should leave. The reason why we were many before is because I didn't want any litigation to come to Heartland club especially from those that still have active contract with us. You can’t send them away untill their contract expires. And now some will expire by next month and others at the end of the season.

I told them that this salary we will pay them in May is going to be the last salary we would give them, even our Governor has done well for them, not asking them to leave.

I will give thumbs up to our able Governor and commissioner for youth and sports, they have done wonderfully well.

Go and do your investigation and see for yourself, the governor has paid till date through the commissioner for sports.

Whatever challenges we face the Governor has always come to our aid through the commissioner and even if there is any future challenges, they have assured us that they will be there to profer solutions for us.” Nwachukwu concluded.

Heartland team are currently in Abuja ahead of their Federation cup fixture against Jedo FC of Sokoto and will then travel to Enugu afterwards to battle Giant Brillars for the NNL weekend fixture.

Heartland tops the NNL group B4 table with 12 points so far.

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