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Nsien advocates for long term planning for Nigeria football development

.... says NPFL requires professionalism

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Kennedy OnwunaliApr 10, 2022
Nsien advocates for long term planning for Nigeria football development

A USSF Pro License Coach and Head Coach of FC Tulsa in the United States, Michael Nsien, believes that football development in Nigeria needs a long term vision and planning.

The UEFA 'A' license coach said that the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) needs to be run professional to meet the global target.

Nsien stated this as a guest on the 'hot seat' a programme on Wakawaka Sports Extra, charged the NFF to be open minded to allow Nigerians abroad contribute their quota to the growth of the game in the country.

Nsien said: "It's important to state that Nigerians should change the mentality that Nigerians abroad care less. We always find a way to relate with each other. I feel like there is a lot to improve in Nigeria football and I can acquaint with what I have seen in the US. I can contribute a lot to Nigeria football through the experiences I have had.

"It's extremely important that NFF have an open mind to think that people from different areas can contribute on the performance, infrastructure of the game. One of the most important aspect is planning that's where we lack in Nigeria Football. It's a long term vision in planning and I have my ideas what I can offer in a long term plan and if you execute a plan, you go back every six months and expect certain outcomes.

"Diaspora partners need to synergy with home to improve the game. It's probably not too much you can identify because a lot of of decisions that are made come from certain groups.

"It comes down to relationship and if you have such maybe your ideas could be executed. That cycle needs to be broaden a bit so that we can get different people sharing insights about the game. The league needs to create better minimum standards to compete in the NPFL, stadiums, balance budget, improve their social media, share marketing plans, streaming on visibility".

Nsien appealed to club sides in the country to improve on branding and publicity in the social media to help project the league and players to scouts.

"Nigeria league is not one you can scout and see globally. You will see more professionalism if the league has standard and visible matches to be shown for scouts. Better branding and social media needs to be publicize to get more viewership globally.

On what he feels why the Super Eagles failed to pick the ticket to Qatar, he blamed it on the tactics that allowed Ghana to outshine the Super Eagles.

"Tunisia exposed Nigerians in a way they had a tactical plan to allow Nigeria to play through the wings and all of a sudden Nigeria didn't have a plan B. With Ghana we saw a team that lacks individual talent. They had a very good game plan to limit Nigeria's time on the ball and Nigeria ended up playing individually in the attacking front.

The US based coach believes that he can land a top job in the future owing to his vast experience in the game.

"It's not easy job and we have to meet the highest criteria. We have to check every single box. With my UEFA A and America Pro, I think it will at least give someone confidence that I can do the job. We always have to give our best for people to believe in the work that we do.

"I believe my next job opportunity is likely to be in the MLS. I have had six interviews over the last year with the top clubs and I feel I'm getting closer to the top, maybe clubs in Europe. It will be interesting to work with an African team in the next world cup in the US."

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