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Sports | CENN FC club owner, Dorathy Nwawudu shares optimism despite Imo FA cup ouster

CENN FC club owner, Dorathy Nwawudu shares optimism despite Imo FA cup ouster

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Anthony AhizeMar 11, 2023
CENN FC club owner, Dorathy Nwawudu shares optimism despite Imo FA cup ouster

Club owner of Chief Engineer Njoku Nwawudu ootball club (CENN FC) Mrs Dorathy Nwawudu has shared positive optimism despite the club’s Imo FA cup ouster on Thursday 9th of March at the Dan Anyiam stadium Owerri.

The YSFON champions locked horns with familiar foes Heartland feeders team at the ongoing FA Cup tournament and lost 4-0.

The first half ended 0-0 while all the 4 goals came in the second half.

Recall that CENN FC defeated Heartland FC feeders in their last two meetings, 1-0 and 2-0. Heartland feeders seems to get their pound of flesh in the Imo FA cup.

In an interview with Newsmen immediately after the match, Nwawudu shared optimism of the future and success of the players which is the aim despite the Imo FA cup fallout.

“We registered for the FA cup this year and this is the first match and it was against Heartland feeders team. The match was 0-0 first half but during the second half, Heartland FC did very well while we lost concentration momentarily. I have some of my players in Heartland feeders team, the two central defenders of feeders are on loan to them. Maybe if my players had not played against me,I don't think they would have won. that's the quality of players CENN FC has.”

As a female gender, one would think Mrs Nwawudu would opt for female team instead of male. In response to why male team instead of female, she responded.

“Where I come from in Imo state the population of boys exceed girls, and so football becomes paramount and very interesting. So it rubbed off on our vision.” She said.

When asked , what’s next for CENN FC team, she responded

“We play alot of friendly matches we haven't decided yet if we will play NLO but our players will probably be loaned to other teams.

And despite the funding, one will think we are not getting anything back in return but it may not be immediately, or directly but surely We do get alot back something in return which is success for young boys following their dreams. That enough is a good benefit and return for us because that is the sole aim of CENN, getting the boys jobs or helping their career so they won’t be consumed by the street.

They will do well and become successful that is our goal. We have some players overseas expecially the African countries, Benin republic and Niger, Lebanon.

We hope that some of our international players will come back and join some of my team so we can win again.

We have talents, they will be successful, that’s our sole aim.” Nwawudu concluded.

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