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Nwokorie DavidAug 25, 2022

Consequentially, everything crumbles when your source of motivation and drive fizzles to trickle or doomed. and eventually you can't help but imagine the possibility of finding hope when every situation you're engulfed in seems as though it were an impasse, every action leads to an impasse. frustration creeps in. You're now beginning to think you're in deep doo-doo. as dead as a doornail.

This is perhaps how every Nigerian student affected is currently feeling. there is an inexcusable reason for wearing a face and grumbling every split second for whatever doesn't augur well. to further aggravate this, graduates are also up the creeks as they too struggle to eck out a living, And with "no hope" in sight, inter Alia, we will have to maintain the status quo ante and watch as things unfold.

As I'm inclined to proceed, I try to fathom the possibility of a Nigerian dream, it's perception by the aforementioned group of people as a fabled Utopia and a farcical conception. things can only get worse, there's no hope, nothing can or may improve. but, what if this was simply a result of one's outlook to life and not the reality.

As award-winning multimedia journalist and author Nwokorie David(saint Louis) in his show, Avant-Garde Ultra sits in an exclusive interview under the relaxing and refreshing ambience of a scenic Hospitality outfit at the heart of Owerri metropolis with who he describes as an "emerging disruptive Enterpreneur", Nigerian born Chigozie Iheduru, Chief Executive Officer of the Ziddex Group he navigates and reflects on the long held ideology of the impracticality of achieving the Nigerian dream as a youth.

Chigozie Iheduru started his higher education at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he began trading on food items by connecting buyers to sellers. here's how it worked. by serving as a middle man between students willing to purchase one food item with others interested in purchasing theirs, he was able to make profits for every successful transaction, more like remodelled commodity trading. born in Imo state, the isiala mbano native discovered his knack for industry at a very tender age and decided to venture into business as he started Ziddex media, a P.R and digital marketing firm. undertaking projects for departmental conferences and events gave him a reputation of acceptability which blossomed into the opportunity to handle more demanding jobs.

The last of a family of four, Mr Iheduru considers himself as unorthodox, such as is relevant to his success in business, it has also allowed him the flexibility to see life differently, and also to give it a different approach. within a few months, his media network had expanded to a mega enterprise as he was now considered the ideal choice for that niche.

In November 2021, driven by the vision to explore the Nigerian food market combined with his displeasure at the seasonal shortage of food commodities during the year he started a food distribution chain which supplies and distributes food products from the North to the Southeast and Southsouth. this idea, he says has recorded astounding success as he has been able to directly supply the Eastern market effectively thereby creating a large market of demand. " I wanted to know why it was difficult to have certain food items available and at a stable price all year" he said. with a labor force of over 60 people and still growing, Mr. Iheduru believes that what makes you a 'CEO' is laden in your ability to create departments and entrust to others to control while you know that in your absence, things can still function effectively.

Barely in his second year at the University, he's drawn inspiration from the likes of the WTO Boss, Ngozi Okonjo iweala who he believes has proven that anything is achievable irrespective of your background or race. Largely and unsurprisingly creditable to his success has been his parents, Prof. Mr and Prof. Mrs Iheduru who he said have been an inspiration to him being the source of his motivation as young chap. He also has been heavily influenced by the likes of Tony Elumelu as well as Mrs Caroline Anyanwu and Rev. Father Christian Ezeh.

It's a one in a thousand chance you'd find the likes of Mr Iheduru you may be say, and it's an uncommon and rare happenstance. but it should be a source of drive to Nigeria's Younger generation who have been straddled and ingrained with an erroneous outlook to the country. " I started one business and grew it to a litany of brands under me, and from the profit I made from one, I invested to another. during the first ASUU strike I decided to do something productive by purchasing a printing machine which enabled me to begin a business making branded shirts and face cap. I also was able to begin a clothing store with the little money I saved from the profit made, I believe this should be a motivation to everyone watching this interview that in this world, anything is possible, only if you choose to put your mind to it".

In the near future, Mr Iheduru intends to create a food community and a trading exchange platform exclusively for food commodities similar to the N.S.E.

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