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Combatting the menace of vulnerable children in Imo state using platforms like ARC-P

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Offor DavidsonMay 23, 2023
Combatting the menace of vulnerable children in Imo state using platforms like ARC-P

The level of harm and socio vices being orchestrated by vulnerable children in different parts of the country especially Imo state in particular can not be overemphasized, the baneful and pernicious effects in the society should be a serious sign of concern to any government and well meaning individuals and organizations.

heir activities includes but not limited to armed robbery, prostitution, hawking on the streets during school hours, begging, street urchins 'agbero' and cybercrime aka Yahoo Yahoo.

These children most times embrace the intake of illicit substances like Crystal Methamphetamine known as 'Mkpuru mmiri', 'akpuru achia', loud, cocaine, inhaling of soakaway pits and many unimaginable stuffs to FEEL GOOD.

The Federal Government through the At Risk Children-Programme ARC-P have taken conscious steps to address this menace by formulating the 7 pillars of ARC-P which consists of: Basic Literacy & Numeracy, Health & Nutrition, Entrepreneurship, Digital Skills, Agriculture & Climate Change, Security, Sports, & Life-skills.

These pillars/cardinal points were thoroughly selected by the organizers of the program to help towards curbing violence, substance abuse & an intervention package for gatekeepers and caregivers.

The ARC-P has kicked off in many states across Nigeria majorly in the Northern part and is set to take off in Anambra state in the coming weeks.

The Imo State Government under the able leadership of Senator Hope Uzodimma should key into the vision and mission of ARC-P to compliment the numerous efforts his administration has undertaken towards curbing the vulnerable children menace, this is salient as ARC-P is backed by not just the Federal Government but also two sister agencies of the United Nations.

The implementation of this laudable program in Imo state is expected to drastically reduce in a very long way the insecurity challenges bedeviling not just the state but other surrounding states in the South East.

Gov Uzodimma as a true believer in Youth empowerment and a strong advocate in seeing the younger ones excel as can be exemplified in his administration should see that the state doesn't miss out on this ernomous opportunity presented by ARC-P to give the average Imo youth a reason to believe.

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