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ARC-P: A delight of the vulnerable Nigerian Child

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Offor DavidsonMay 20, 2023
ARC-P: A delight of the vulnerable Nigerian Child

The At Risk Children-Programme popularly known as ARC-P launched by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2021, domiciled in the Office of the Vice President and coordinated by the Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Social Investment has brought so much enchantment, delight and a heart full with gladness to the most vulnerable children in our country.

These children who before now were wilful, perverse and to a large extent intransigent have seen reasons to believe from their state of despondency and disheartenment, they are gradually been thought that there is a new normal which will benefit and also pave the way for a prosperous future for them.

The ARC-P endorsed by two sister agencies of the United Nations; UNDP and UNICEF along with other key development partners are in various states skilling up and giving formal education to children and youths below the age of 24 years.

With Nigeria having over 13.2 million out-of-school children, the managers of ARC-P have a lot on the table to deal with, this they have confronted headon with practical ways and solutions structured to drastically reduce the number of children not in school and to a large extent lifting as many Nigerians from poverty line as possible. Programs like building the children's entrepreneurship and life skills, providing counselling, physical and mental health support while imbibing key values and the attributes of integrity and hard work are the core of the agency's drive towards the vulnerable children.

They are also bridging the poverty gap through sports, drama, creativity, agriculture, vocational skills and very importantly, access to digital technology and skills.

With the end of President Buhari's administration in days and the beginning of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's Presidency, it is hoped that this noble program is continued and infact more policies developed to help lift 100m Nigerians out of poverty by 2030 as proposed by President Buhari.

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