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Bola Tinubu's Open Letter to Chief Bode George

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Nnaemeka DavidMar 15, 2023
Bola Tinubu's Open Letter to Chief Bode George

Dear Chief Bode George,

It is with genuine purpose and a peaceful intent that I write you this letter. I do so because the time has not yet come for you to proceed to political self-exile.

It will not be a thing of happiness for me that my emergence as President-elect will herald your departure from public life in Lagos and Nigeria. I, therefore, urge you to shelve all thoughts of self-exile and political retirement.

A capable opposition is a fundamental requirement of good governance, pushing the incumbent administration to be its best self or face electoral oblivion at the next election. In your many years in opposition in Lagos, you have never been victimised or persecuted; neither by me nor by any of the Governors who came after me.

The presidential election was hard yet cleanly fought. At the end, a victor was declared and, by the grace of God almighty, the Nigerian people chose to make me their next President. However, we must not take the battle so personally as to threaten retirement any time we fail to win. Defeat is as much a part of politics as victory.

As President, I will draw no distinction between supporter and antagonist. I will not grant undue favour to those who voted for me nor will I persecute those who voted against me. I will govern for the benefit of all Nigerians.

Under my leadership, Nigeria shall be a good and pleasant home. There will be room for freedom of expression. There will be economic growth and development. There will be opportunities for the young and social safety for the old. There will be security for all.

I hope you find it within yourself to stay and be a part of Nigeria's hopeful future. However, if you feel that you do not want to live in the new Nigeria, nobody, least of all me, can force you to remain here. Whatever you choose to do, I bid you Godspeed.

SIGNED Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu President-elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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