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Nwokorie DavidAug 24, 2022

Circumspect yet efficient, reclusive yet affable, meticulous yet vivacious, disciplined yet charismatic, are the cardinal qualities embodied by the fabled Lady of Imo's Housing Sector, Lady. Dr Love Ineh.

In line with Governor Uzodinma's template of a mass housing revolution, she has in the last 18 months transformed the housing ministry by making it a mainstream of Imo's infrastructural development and investment. this has been characterised by the influx of Investors from across the globe angling to partner with the state Government as a result of the ostensible economic prospects inherently laden in the state. little wonder Imo ranks as the 6th most viable state in regards to the ease of doing business in Nigeria according to recent Data. One of the indicators for these rankings constitutes access to Affordable housing and basic infrastructure. this has ensured that every Imolite can be assured of affordable and durable housing in no time.

As these projects proposed to kick off across the 3 Senatorial Zones and 27 LGA's of the state approach execution, every region of the state is expected to benefit from this ennobling Initiative. with over 10,000 housing units set to be designed and completed in earnest, the people of Imo state can only hope for the best luxury and affordable homes all made possible by the vision driven and indefatigable vision of the Governor Uzodinma Led administration.

Under her watch as the housing Commissioner, several landmark renovations have been completed within the shortest time frame. Innumerable as they are, some include the notable revamp of the country home of the late former civilian Governor of Imo State, Dee Sam Mbakwe. such is very significant to emphasize given the fact that only in this administration, did the project become a state priority. as much as some have argued that it's attraction was enhanced by Geo-political reasons, it is imperative to factor in that it is only during her tenure as the Imo state Commissioner of housing was this remarkable feat achieved. as much as can be agreed upon, the name Mbakwe reverberates and resonates the zenith of empathetic and selfless leadership.

In June, she was awarded as evidence magazine's Most Influential Woman In Imo, this was based on a flurry of lucipherous reasons of her credibility, capacity, creditable administrative acumen, Immense Impact, influence and contribution to Imo's Political framework amidst other reverent qualities depictive of her achievements as Imo's political Amazon.

Lady Dr. Love Ineh remains one of the most passionate and tirelessly dedicated members of the State Executive Council, and has used her position for the actualization of the Government's priority objectives on Housing and for the development of her birthplace, Obowo.

Without missing any punches, she is not only loved, but exudes the traits of unfiltered empathy for the masses which serves as her motivation to lead by offering the effective dividends of exemplary service to humanity.

As she has Said, in a political terrain dominated by men, she has positioned herself as one who no less can do more with less of what or more of what is available. what that tongue twister implies is that she is driven by the philosophy that anything can be achieved irrespective of your gender or background if you choose to put your mind to it. and this has been her binding principle and the inspirational factor for her continuous relevance in the political *contraction of Imo state

David Nwokorie

Media Aide to the Honorable Commissioner, Imo state Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

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