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Ndi Imo | Imo CPC lunches children handbook on consumer rights

Imo CPC lunches children handbook on consumer rights

.... another milestone by shared prosperity regime

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Peter DibiaJul 6, 2022
Imo CPC lunches children handbook on consumer rights


Occupying any position in life does not matter most. What matters most is what the occupiers of such positions will achieve for the regime and the people who own the government.

Living a fantastic legacy is one of the greatest things that can happen to any public servant occupying a particular office, be it government, private or public.

In today's write-up, I want to commend the Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodimma, for appointing a visionary and loyal servant in the person of Hon. Mrs. Obioma Okafor, as the Director- General of Imo State Consumer's Protection Commission, CPC.

Glaringly, when His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma, took office as the Executive Governor of Imo State on January 14th, 2020, one of the bold steps he took to demonstrate competency and administrative ingenuity was the need to rehabilitate, revive some ailing government agencies which were abandoned or run down by previous administrations. These agencies include Imo CPC, Imo Statesman Newspapers, Adapalm among others too numerous to mention.

In fulfilment of that onerous and historic promises the Imo State Government wasted no time in revamping one of the Imo most critical agencies: the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) which has achieved a milestone for the government, the state the people through its human oriented policies implementation and activities.

Suffice it to state that the administration of Governor Hope Uzodimma in the last two years has invested much in repositioning the CPC through the appointment of a vibrant and hardworking woman, Hon. Mrs. Obioma Okafor, as the DG. She came with lots of innovations and strategies. Despite all odds, she hit the ground running. She moved for immediate relocation of CPC office to a more comfortable environment, which the Governor graciously approved, to ensure effective Consumer Protection.

This feat is an eloquent testimony and a clear proof that Governor Hope Uzodimma is determined to fulfill his promises of protecting the citizens and giving them good leadership.

It is on record that before Okafor assumed office as DG, Imo State CPC, the commission's office was at block 5, Old Orlu Secretariat, behind Imo State Isolation Centre, Owerri. A dilapidated and abandoned building, no windows, no toilet, the environment was not decent to conduct any meaningful government business. But today Imo CPC is having a new conducive office at Area B, New Owerri, Opposite ISOPADEC Building, Off Owerri Portharcourt Road.

In her quest and continuous efforts to nip to board the high intake and production of unwholesome goods and product in the state, the CPC in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Imo State, had perfected all necessary plans to lunch children handbook on consumer's rights.

Once this book is finally lunched, the Governor's efforts in his fight against fake production of goods and services in the state would be consummated. It is obvious that since Uzodimma took the mantle of leadership in the state, consumer's right has been protected without compromise.

Let us bear it in mind that once a consumer's right is protected, the citizens are protected. The consumer is a king and this agency is always at hand to protect them without compromising the standard of the commission.

The book explains in details the overall consumer's right which the agency wants children in Imo State to learn hence the children are vulnerable to many ugly things.

The handbook which is titled "Consumer Rights and Protection: a book for Children", contains 33 pages with detailed information and explanation on how Imo State children need to know their rights and the agency to report to once their consumer right is trampled upon.

The book which was written by, Dr. Henry Uzokwe, explains the consumer rights to be a privilege a consumer of particular product has to know about his or her goods and services, he or she intends to purchase. This right includes choosing or having quality goods and services at the right place and to be refunded or compensated when there is mistreatment.

The book stresses eight rights a consumer needs to know which are: right to choose, right to safety, right to basic needs, right to consumer education, right to redress, right to healthy environment, right to be informed and right to be heard.

The CPC as an agency of the government, saddled with the responsibility of protecting consumer's rights and also to proffer remedy once consumer right is infringed by the producers of goods and services.

Investigation has it that Imo State CPC under the 3Rs Government, has performed wonderfully in making sure that consumers of goods and services in the state are not shortchanged in any form.

Right now, Imo CPC is employing many avenues to enlighten the public of the various health risk associated with fake and adulterated products. Some efforts include, sensitization and awareness programmes, Radio/TV jingles that play in almost all the radio stations and even NTA Owerri, consultative fora with stakeholders, inter-agency collaboration, the latest one is between CPC and IMSUBEB and the lunching of the children handbook on their right which is in collaboration with the ministry of education.

The shared prosperity administration led by Governor Hope Uzodimma has truly shown capacity, determination and commitment towards improving the welfare and security of citizens. Therefore, citizens should support the 3R government with all sincerity to enable the present regime to do more advantageous things for people.

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